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Summer Heat and Your Windshield

Posted by on July 21, 2015 in Auto Glass Replacement, Windshields | Comments Off on Summer Heat and Your Windshield

Summer Heat and Your Windshield

Although windshields are subject to cracks and chips during any time of the year, the intense Arizona heat and resulting fluctuations in windshield temperatures can exacerbate these types of problems. The incredible heat generated by Arizona’s sunny days can wreck havoc on a windshield, making it especially important to take special care of your vehicle during the summer months. Here are a few tips to help you keep your windshield in the best possible shape this summer.


Park Your Car in the Shade

One of the biggest culprits for having a windshield crack in the summer is the direct heat it endures while baking in the hot summer sun. If you find yourself with a chip or crack in your windshield, be sure to park in the shade until you can get it repaired by a licensed professional like Fast Glass Arizona. Excessive summer heat can make fractures in your windshield less stable, leading small chips to be shattered windshields in not time at all. As an added precaution, try cracking your car windows to help reduce the internal temperature of the car.


The hot summer's in Arizona are rough on your cars windshield.

The hot summer’s in Arizona are rough on your cars windshield.


Slow Down Temperature Changes

Sudden temperature changes that occur when you go from a hot, parked hot car to a sudden blast of cold A/C can cause major problems for windshields. Running your A/C on high will cool the inside of the windshield quickly while the exterior remains hot, causing stress on windshield glass. It is recommended that you try not to blast cold A/C right away upon starting the car, but instead enact a slower transition in order to save windshield glass.


Wait to Wash Your Car

Try not to wash your vehicle in the direct sun or while your windshield is hot. The cold water of a car wash compounded by a hot windshield is a recipe for a crack. Also be careful if you already have cracks or chips. Washing your car with a cracked or chipped windshield can weaken repairs. Try waiting until the sun goes down and the temperatures cool down before washing your vehicle at home or taking it through the car wash.


Don’t Slam Your Doors

Take care in closing doors, hoods, and trunks on your vehicle. Vibrations from a slammed door or trunk can cause even the smallest of windshield chips to spread suddenly across the entire windshield.


The best way to ensure that chips and cracks don’t spread is to have your windshield permanently fixed by a trusted professional. At Fast Glass Arizona, we don’t play the auto glass replacement game. Save yourself the bribing and hassling of a quick fix at the car wash and allow us to provide you with fast, professional service. At Fast Glass Arizona, we pride ourselves on integrity and results. We always keep up on the latest industry standards and have been replacing and repairing auto windshields in Arizona since 1982.

Contact Fast Glass Arizona today for our full auto glass services, including windshield repair and replacement as well as door, vent, quarter, and back glass repair and replacement.