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Residential Glass and Mirror Replacement

Posted by on August 1, 2016 in Residential Glass and Mirrors | Comments Off on Residential Glass and Mirror Replacement

Residential Glass and Mirror Replacement

How important is glass in your home? We think you’d be surprised at how many parts of your residence feature glass. From the most obvious surfaces like windows and mirrors to the more custom items like coffee tables and hutches, glass is a prominent feature in any home.

So what do you so when that glass cracks or shatters? Sometimes accidents happen, but leaving cracked or broken windows open to the elements is stressful at best, and can even be dangerous. With the skills of Fast Glass Arizona, there’s no need to get drastic covering broken windows with plastic. We can come out for a quick, no-strings-attached estimate for your repairs.

There are also many ways to spruce up your home with glass features, and Fast Glass Arizona can help you with ideas. There’s a place for custom glass in every room of your home. For example, in the bathroom, you can replace standard plain shower doors with custom-made glass panels for a unique and beautiful effect. For the living room, you can transform a coffee table with a custom glass top to make it the centerpiece of the room. Not only is it an elegant addition, but glass will also protect your valuable furniture investment. The sky is the limit, and Fast Glass Arizona is here to make your custom glass visions a reality.

Another glass feature that deserves more attention is mirrors. Of course we all use them every day, but we forget how important they really are. Mirrors can make a great impact not only in obvious spaces like bathrooms, but also in hallways, bedrooms, and living rooms. Besides being beautiful, mirrors also have the added bonus of making your rooms look bigger. Marrying function and style, Fast Glass Arizona can help you create a custom mirror to accent your living space. There’s nothing like a new mirror to help you see yourself and your home in a brand new way.

Whether you are looking to repair a cracked or broken window, replace a glass furniture item, or create a new glass feature for your home, Fast Glass Arizona has you covered. We have been local in Gilbert, Arizona for several years and feature fast, friendly service backed by experience. With a reputation built on quality service, we are happy to provide a free estimate for your glass needs.